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I haven’t done any physical activity in a long time. Do I need to be fit to take up Wing Chun?

No, not at all. Sifu Riaz has a great understanding of how people learn and treats each student individually according to his or her fitness and ability. Before you know it you will feel much fitter and more energised than before you started.

Is there a particular uniform required?

No. The club uniform is entirely optional. General leisure wear with trainers are sufficient for the class. Again this helps to reduce the cost to the student as there is no pressure or requirement to buy a uniform.

How long will it take to me to learn to defend myself?

This is always a difficult question to answer as this is dependent on the individual’s dedication, regularity of training and ability to pick up the required skills. But as a very rough guide in six months, students usually have a good grounding of the basic sensitivity skills and techniques required to defend themselves.

I already do Wing Chun Kung Fu, can I still join your club?

We welcome anyone to our club who is willing to be open-minded and receptive. Our way is not a better way, but a different way. So yes, we do welcome students from other Wing Chun clubs or even those that are practising a different martial art and would like to use Wing Chun to enhance their current martial arts experience.

Are there any sparring competitions at the club?

No. Wing Chun was designed to be a highly effective, practical self defence system. It is extremely useful to protect yourself in the street in a vulnerable situation. When sparring occurs, rules need to be put in place which restricts the effectiveness Wing Chun.

Are there belts or gradings at the club?

Wing Chun is an art, and as with all arts they take time and dedication to nurture and master. We believe when practising Wing Chun it has a life long effect on you as a person, physically, mentally and spiritually. That does not mean to say that without belts or gradings there are no targets to aim for. In fact the best targets are the ones you set for yourself. Wing Chun is a way of life because it will give you lifetime benefits. Grandmaster Yip Chun born in 1924 said he owes his good health to the study of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Do you use any weapons in Wing Chun?

The Wing Chun system incorporates two types of weapons, the butterfly swords (Bart Cham Dao) and the long pole (Lok Dim Book Kwan). These are usually trained after mastering the three hand forms and the wooden dummy. The wooden dummy is introduced to students usually when they reach the second hand form to help develop movement, flow and power.

If you have anymore questions, do not hesitate to contact Sifu Riaz directly.

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